How to re-enable the sync after the Salesforce Enhanced Domains is enabled in your Org

After enabling the Salesforce Enhanced Domains in your org, you need to set them up again for new site URLs. 

Follow through the steps below to re-configure the site URL and re-enable sync for the new resource URL.

Step 1. First head to this link and log in to your Salesforce account with your password.

Figure - 1

Step 2: After logging in, this tab will open. You need to select Install for all and then choose upgrade.

Figure - 2

Step 3: Now Click on Done.

Figure - 3

Step 4. The package will be upgraded and you will be able to see it in your installed packages as demonstrated in Figure 4

Figure - 4

Step 5. In the next step, go to the App launcher and search for HIC Sync Made Easy

Figure - 5

Step 6. Once on the app, go to the Salesforce Shopify Sync Settings

Figure - 6

Step 7. On the configuration page, go to the Setup tab

Figure - 7

Step 8. Select click here, to configure the site

Figure - 8

Step 9. Here, Select your site URL from the drop-down menu

Figure - 9

Step 10. Click on the Save button to save the site

Figure - 10

Step 11. Next, choose to click here to create a remote site setting

Figure - 11

Step 12. Click on the Save button, to save changes.

Figure - 12

Step 13. This step re-enables sync in your org. Now, your org is ready.

Figure - 13

Please note that after the completion of the process we recommend field mapping, as this process may affect your field mapping.

Hope you found this article helpful! Thanks for reading!